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JUNE 15, 2018


Stoney Brook Dance Co

SBDC offers classes to dancers ages 2 to adult in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop and Piyo!  We have 4 state of the art studios and run classes 6 days a week.  The dancers performing today are all from our Competition Team. SBDC has competition teams in all of its disciplines – ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre and hip hop.  Dancers ages 10 and up are selected for the teams based on positive attitudes, work ethic, talent and drive.  This year these dancers participated in SEMF (Steinbach), Canadian National Dance Championships (Winnipeg), Midwest Starz (Fargo) and Dance Canada (Winnipeg).  We also have many other dancers, both younger, older, recreational and serious.  We make every effort to give our best to each of our classes.

Backyard Theatre Company – The Young Company

Our Theatre Company features classes for ages 5- 17, a Christmas showcase and a spring production. We proudly support Southeastern Music Festival and make it a priority to encourage our students to participate. Reasons to join:  Finding new ways to ignite the creativity within & learning to communicate clearly, acting encourages you to explore your imagination & train your thought process and it promotes self confidence, group trust & healthy social skills










Daniel Desorcy

Daniel Desorcy is a second generation singer/songwriter from La Broquerie Manitoba. Greatly influenced as a young boy by his father’s love of The Bee Gees, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Tragically Hip, found Daniel learning to play guitar on his grandfather’s old acoustic and writing songs by the age of 7. Daniel’s soulful tenor voice and prolific writing skills have garnered him a secure place within the Country Music genre. His love of Keith Urban and Chris Stapleton, has helped to shape his most recent project; the recording of his new single, “Marry-Anne”, which was done at Arcade Studios in Niverville Manitoba. It is Daniel’s great passion and ability for writing and performing that will continue to move him forward and bring him the success he desires within the music business.


5acres brings a fresh energetic sound to Country Music.  5acres founders Vern and Christina Neufeld may be familiar to many from the Low-German comedy folk group 3molPlaut. They bring the same high level of professionality and energy to the music of 5acres.  Joining them in the band are veteran local instrumentalists.  5acres has played multiple Manitoba festivals and fairs, and maintains a busy summer performing schedule. The main focus of their music is high energy family friendly classic and contemporary country music including covers and a growing list of originals.

Bill Hamilton

Early musical influences include international classic hits by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Carol King, CCR, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, and more.  Bill’s own compositions are uplifting with a touch of McCartney charm. He writes about relationships, natural wonders, mysterious legends, love, family life, and more. An inspiring writer, arranger and singer, Bill is also an artful and humorous story teller with engaging intros to his songs.

You & What Army?

You & What Army? wants to ensure audiences get a good listening experience, and also be able to dance to the greatest tunes on the planet (which include songs people actually know and love to hear).  Quality multi-part harmonies (2,3, and 4 part), diversified musicianship, fun interaction with the crowd, and great dance music all night long are a few of the things that set You & What Army? apart from other groups. Their quality musicianship and light-hearted humour is what shines with You & What Army? and when the audience sees that, they can’t help but being drawn into the whole performance.



Red Rose

Red Rose began playing live shows nearly one year ago at Steinbach’s Summer in the City, and were privileged the following month to play for our nation’s biggest Summer event “Canada Games!” Since then, we’ve had so much fun playing Winnipeg and Winnipeg Beach venues, and plan to continue our efforts for more great festivals throughout Manitoba this year! Our lead songwriter, Tim Braun, has a style that’s been compared to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, and Fleetwood Mac, and our singer is powerful, yet gentle with a graceful voice that fits the songs, perfectly! One of our great honours, as a team, is to have a soldier with the Canadian Armed Forces as our keyboardist & rhythm guitarist, and he plays to the beating Canadian heart within each of us.

Melissa Plett

“Ghost Town,” the new album from Melissa Plett, was recorded in Nashville at Omnisound Studio with the help and guidance of well-known Nashville musician/producer Pat Severs and the collaboration of countless talented locals.  The eight songs encapsulate Plett, who is a glittering bound of energy who holds your attention captive, blasts you across the room with her powerful voice and then slowly reels you in like a tractor beam, weaving her life experiences into the fabric of her craft with a laugh or with a tear.  Her music is enriched by a lifetime of love and warmth, yet scarred by devastating heartbreak.  Her influences come from the down-south storytelling of Johnny Cash, the pioneering tell-all nature of Kitty Wells, and the heart-wrenching tales of hardship from Etta James and Ray Charles.


Trevor Johnson

While Trevor performs throughout Manitoba on various stages, he also spends a lot of his free time songwriting on his little farm just south of Steinbach.  His passion for country music has led him as far as Nashville, TN where he has spent a lot of time working on his songwriting craft.  He introduced himself to Canadian Country Radio in 2014 with his 2 singles, MOONSHINE and DANDELIONS.  In the fall of 2015 Trevor was nominated for Emerging Country Artist at Manitoba Country Music Association Awards.

Richard Farrow Band

Emerging aboriginal artist , Richard Farrow grew up in the Northern part of Manitoba -(Brochet-Lynn Lake), learned to sing and play from the age of 15.  Farrow moved to Thompson, MB in 2007 and worked for 11 years at the local mine, playing in local bars, socials and weddings across the provinces during his free time.  In June of 2017 Richard made his way out to Maple Ridge, B.C. to meet producer Tom Mckillip to record album God Willin” at the Studio Downe Under . Currently living in Winnipeg ,MB . Richard recently just received his first nomination for the Indigenous Music awards . Looking forward to doing more recording in the near future.  You can find him on his Facebook page with all the latest gigs, pictures and videos:



Quinton Blair

Honest as a day spent on a tractor, and driven like the drifting Prairie snow.  2017 Manitoba Country Music Association Male Artist of the Year, Quinton Blair is a road running, tale-spinning songwriter.  Silky and smooth like a diesel engine, his beard glistening in the setting sun, its rodeo mud in his teeth and horses in his blood.   Blair’s wide understanding of country music suits him perfectly to the task of working the stages with the all-stars of both roots and mainstream country music in Canada. He has shared stages with Del Barber, Shred Kelly, The Bros Landreth, and the likes of George Canyon, High Valley, Corb Lund, Emerson Drive, and more.


Jason Kirkness

Jason Kirkness had an amazing 2017 and has proven once again that he is one of Manitoba’s hardest working and most talented country stars.  It’s a distinction he has earned over many years of touring and performing as an independent artist.  This year alone he released and promoted a brand new record including dozens of TV and radio appearances as well as a 60 minute spot on Dauphin Country Fest main stage and the Boots & Hearts main stage.  This never-say-die attitude garnered him 4 nominations at the MCMA Awards (Best Male Artist, Single, Album and Video) in November and a performance on the broadcast.

JUNE 16, 2018

Scorpions Elite Cheer

A cheerleading program designed for athletes of all ages in South Eastern Manitoba. This sport requires strength, power, agility, flexibility, coordination, fitness, and of course Team Work! We believe in a program that builds confidence and leadership in young athletes as well as a foundation built on team work and sportsmanship. All of our athletes are encouraged to be role models and represent their province with pride.


Yaadies is a Jamaican term which means born and grown from ones yard/home town/homies. Yaadies is a eight (8) member family band and was formed in 2014 by Neville Hamilton. Members of the band are; Neville Hamilton (bass/acoustic guitar) his wife Carol  (lead singer/backup vocals), his children -Jessica and Joanne (Vocals), Jayda (Keyboards), Justin (Bass guitar), Jonathon (drums), his brother Stephen (keyboards) and his nephew-Jordan Henry (drums).  They have performed at events such as Summer in the city, Black history month concert in Winnipeg and other local events. Due to our cultural origin (Caribbean), our music is mainly reggae, funk and pop.





The Band RBB

The Band RBB is an electric mixture of southern Manitoba musicians who love to play together and for a cause. Their genre is “Inspired Rock and Blues” bringing a unique blend of acoustic soul and energetic electric rock and blues to their audiences. Their set covers a wide range of music from Trooper and Serena Ryder to GNR and Collective Soul. Each song selected to bring with it a meaningful message for today’s live audiences. Based on a solid rhythm foundation, soaring guitar and harmonica leads are matched only by a soulful blend of passionate vocals.


The 204

Recognized for their refined three-part harmonies and a knack for earworm melodies, The 204 occupies a musical space that is all their own. Raised in Manitoba, members Bryn Herperger, Ben Lamont, Keiran Placatka, and Nick Moffat craft a sound that lies somewhere on the line between widely appealing rock tunes and more innovative sonic ventures – resulting in accessible and unique songwriting. What no recording can capture, though, is the raw and infectious energy that The 204 brings to the stage every single night. Their self-titled EP, “The 204” can be taken as a sampler of what to expect from the band’s live show: catchy, memorable choruses and striking harmonies that stand out amongst today’s modern musical landscape.

Stacey James Band

Stacey James is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose love for music started at a very young age. Needing a way to create the instrumentals to all of her lyrics, she started playing the keyboard followed by trumpet, acoustic & electric guitar, tenor sax, bass guitar & fiddle as her songwriting tools. By 14, Stacey was performing within the Winnipeg hip hop scene. Looking to explore the music scene even further, she briefly performed as lead vocalist & songwriter for funk-ock band GroovePort before breaking off to find players for her own band Stacey James & The KiK. Along with her love of music & the arts overall, Stacey is passionate about helping and motivating others including with her upcoming children’s book series “Dealing With Feelings”. She also holds an annual “Women Helping Women” event assisting women & children leaving domestic situations and has been published several times on the Huffington Post by the request of Ariana Huffington herself.


Heartbreak Highway

Heartbreak Highway is a five piece group that performs the songs of tom Petty. Celebrating the great American songwriter and performer, Heartbreak Highway plays faithful tribute with a dash of personality to the dozens of classic songs in the Tom Petty canon. Selections from The Heartbreakers, solo material, and side projects are all included. After experiencing Heartbreak Highway, the songs of tom Petty will be dancing in your ears long after the show!





Ingrid D Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew

With a strong desire to inspire and uplift people who have gone through and who are going through adversity, Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew, present an original mix of pop, Jazz, Soul and R&B.  Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew have been performing together for over 8.5 years. Many of the band members are full time musicians, based in Winnipeg, who enjoy creating and performing live music. They are seasoned musicians with over 15 years of musical experience, combined.



Scribe is “that guy whose music you’re not afraid to show your parents.” He is a Jamaican-born, Canadian-raised, Hip-Hop/R&B artist currently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  In the midst of battles with depression, feeling the weight of failure and a new understanding of his personal need for Christ, poetry would become his outlet. Soon after, his love for poetry and ministry would then intertwine with his love for Hip-Hop and R&B. Scribe went on to join KMF, where he had the privilege of serving at and on reserves, churches, conferences and various other venues along the way. He also had the opportunity to do some of his own work such as motivational speaking, touring with World Vision, releasing his debut, GMA nominated album “The Call Out” and the release of two mixtapes. Now working as an independent artist Scribe is working towards releasing his sophomore album.


The Knuckleheads   

This five piece band has been hand picked from different projects to make up a powerhouse of a classic rock band. Mike Toews and Zak Cudney both from the heavy metal scene. Are diving into the blues and classic rock! Mike is from the bands (Endless Chaos and Expired Utopia).  Zak is from the bands (Hip Voodoo / Tyrants Demise / MYNT). Dan Theisen and Dennis Friesen from the bands (The JakeBrakes and The Boogie shakes) and are well experienced in classic rock and blues.  Also sharing the stage with the Keyboard player Mike Demchencko also plays in The Boogie Shakes.  The Knuckleheads is a band that will surprise you and will leave you wanting more!

Sweet Water Creek  

Sweet Water Creek Band plays the classics with gritty vocals, soaring guitars and a rock solid rhythm section that’s been together since 1978. Myron Hiebert  and Wes Peters, along Garry Dueck, were founders of  Sweet Water Creek back in late Seventies. High school friends immersed in the music of the day, they were inspired by their favorite bands and have been playing that way ever since. Trev Schellenberg joined the band in the early 90s with Cody LeRoy starting with SWC for their 2008 performance at Summer In The City. After the passing of Garry in 2013, the band took time to mourn but have since begun performing again and are excited to make their return to the Summer In The City main stage.


The Boy & The Sea

The Boy & The Sea is a hard-hitting rock group bringing together the earnest storytelling of an indie songwriter with the irresistible swagger and polish of modern pop. Next, the group will head into the studio as a focused, collaborative project, featuring guitarist Jason Reddecopp, bassist Luke Thiessen and drummer/producer Allen Penner. With a new sound and a bold musical vision, The Boy & The Sea is working on a debut full-length album, Common Ghosts, coming summer 2018.  Early January, 2018, The Boy & The Sea wrote and produced a song for Winnipeg’s professional hockey team The Winnipeg Jets. The Boy & The Sea released a high-energy music video in tandem with the release of  the song,  making the new single “Rise Together” wildly popular throughout all of Manitoba.










JUNE 17, 2018

Matt Falk

Matt Falk was called “Effortlessly Funny” by the CBC. He’s performed at Just For Laughs, The Hal!fax Comedy Festival and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. His debut album; Apple Pie & Scars is currently being played on Sirius XM and was named one of the Top 10 Comedy Albums the year of its release. Both of his comedy albums reached #1 on the iTunes comedy charts. He’s worked with Rob Schneider, Gilbert Gottfried, Dave Coulier,  and many more. Matt is one of the writers and stars of RocKids TV and the writer of over a dozen shows including the record breaking dinner theatre play; ‘The Big BOOM Theory’. His clean stand-up comedy act has gained him many accolades including placing 2nd in The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas


Mayflowers in June

Mayflowers in June, from Kleefeld, Manitoba, is billed as an acoustic trio. One of the draws of Mayflowers in June is their penchant to employ their three-part harmonies regularly through their material, which includes an eclectic variety of music so as to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy when they take the stage.  Whether they are highlighting the festival stage, performing at corporate events, making appearances at fundraisers, doing house concerts, or serving in camps and churches They love cracking songs at the top of current charts as well as finding new takes on the classics.


BURNE is a Canadian blues and rock band from Otterburne, Manitoba. Their sound ranges from biting blues to four-part harmony, singer-songwriter musings. Members Joel Jolly, Sam Madden, Brandon Post & Matt Dean have been playing together since 2010. BURNE released their EP, Ten Years Time in 2016 and have been playing in and around Manitoba since. The band formed during a jam night where it became clear that their goals and musical styles were more than compatible. BURNE looks to play out as much as possible and will be writing again for the next album in the fall. Their EP, Ten Years Time is available across all major digital music platforms.


Jordan St Cyr

If “salt of the earth” could describe a performer and his music, there is perhaps no more apt phrase for CCM artist and worship leader, Jordan St.Cyr. This 2017 Nashville Rising Star winner was born and raised on the Canadian prairies and is well versed in the ethic of hard work and the honest, down-to-earth values so often associated with life in the country. Faith, family and relationships are common threads throughout Jordan’s music as he continues to reach and inspire the next generation of believers. Jordan’s current single In My Lifetime, co-produced by Ben Calhoun (frontman for Citizen Way) and Micah Kuiper (guitarist for Hawk Nelson) has garnered international attention, winning 1st place in the Nashville based Unsigned Only competition, judged by such artists as Bart Millard (Mercy Me), David Crowder (Crowder), and Aaron Schust.


The Color

Originating from Manitoba, Jordan Janzen and James Shiels began The Color after a season in life when they thought they were letting go of their music dreams. Both Jordan and James dove into full-time ministry with the intention of fully embracing where God had them, while still maintaining their friendship. It was here that The Color came to life.  The guys decided to make a record with the songs they had written and, with a desire to begin spreading the music and cover their costs, they put a band together and hit the road. Enter Larry Abrams on lead guitar and Tyson Unrau on the drums. It doesn’t take long to recognize that The Color brings an energy and authenticity, both with their music and personalities, that quickly draws people in.