Cultures in the City


DSC_2410Cultures in the City is pleased to present flavors of the world from vendors who proudly share their cultural favorites at the Festival each year.  These incredible dishes are not available in local restaurants – only at Culture in the City!

Vendor Hours:
Friday, June 16: 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday, June 17: 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday, June 18: 11 am – 6 pm

Live Performances:
Friday, June 16:  4 – 8 pm
Saturday, June 17:  1 – 8 pm


  • China – Chicken Balls, Scallop Shrimp, and Spring Rolls
  • Colombia – Lamb Burgers and Lamb Empanadas
  • Germany – Currywurst, and Steak or Schnitzel on a Bun
  • Jamaica – Jerk Chicken, Curried Lamb, and Jamaican Patties
  • Mennonite – Waffles with White Sauce
  • Mexico – Enchiladas and Tacos
  • Nigeria – Fried Plantain, Chicken Stew, and Chin Chin
  • Paraguay – Empanadas
  • Philippines – Pork BBQ Skewers
  • Philippines – Halo Halo


  • Ghana – Handmade Clothes and Jewelry
  • India – Henna Tattoos

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Group 1: Friday, June 16.  4:00 – 8:00 pm

Island Breeze – Pacific Islands
Vern and Christina Neufeld – Low German Mennonite
Yaadies – Jamaica
Adela Unrau – Paraguay
Citizenship Celebration
Norman Chief Memorial Dancers – Metis
Jay Stoller- Drum Café – West Africa

Group 2: Saturday, June 17. 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

L’ensemble Musical Pierre Freynet – Franco-Manitoba
SouthEast Manitoba Filipino Association – Philippines
Trio Bembe – Latin
Audience Salsa Lesson
Enigma Dance Factory- Bollywood – India
Hinode Taiko – Japan
Selkirk and District Ukrainian Dancers – Ukraine
Erudite Russian Children’s Centre – Russia

Group 3: Saturday, June 17. 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Amber Epp- Canadian Songbook
Viva Brazil
South East Manitoba Filipino Association – Philippines
Marco Castillo – Latin
McConnell Dancers – Irish
Emilie McKinney – First Nations
Island Breeze – Pacific Islands


Island Breeze
Island Breeze Manitoba offers a high energy, authentic, family friendly presentation of music and dance from the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, and New Zealand.
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Vern and Christina Neufeld
Representing Low German Mennonites, Vern and Christine Neufeld will be performing a collection of Plautdietsch songs.

Neville and Carol Hamilton- Yaadies
Yaadies will be returning to the Cultures in the City stage, bringing the sounds of the island of Jamaica to the prairies of Manitoba.

Erudite Russian Children’s Centre
Festival-goers will have the opportunity to take in the performance of the Erudite Russian Children’s Centre once again this year.

Norman Chief Memorial Dancers
The Norman Chief Memorial Dancers promote and develop community spirit through traditional style Metis music and dance. After a one-year hiatus, we are excited to have them back at Cultures in the City again this year.  Web Links-

Jay Stoller- Drum Cafe
Representing West Africa, Drum Cafe presents a vibrant and energetic performance involving drumming, singing, and dancing.  Web Links-

Pierre Freynet
L’ensemble Musical Pierre Freynet will once again be performing their collection of Franco-Manitoban songs on the Cultures in the City stage.

SouthEast Manitoba Filipino Association
The SouthEast Manitoba Filipino Association presents a colourful and unique show that mixes traditional Filipino dance with contemporary tunes.  Web Links-

Trio Bembe
Overflowing with rhythmic energy, the award-winning ‘Trio Bembe’ plays infectious Latin music from around the world. 
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Enigma Dance Factory- Bollywood
Presented by Enigma Dance Factory, the sights and sounds of Bollywood will come alive on Main Street Steinbach once again at this year’s event. 
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Hinode Taiko
‘Hinode Taiko’ presents Japanese drumming- a magnificent blend of music and movement, balance and strength, classic and contemporary.  Web Links-

Selkirk and District Ukrainian Dancers
Through their entertaining performance, The Selkirk and District Ukrainian Dancers promote the appreciation and preservation of Ukrainian Dance traditions.
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Adela Unrau
Cultures in the City is privileged to again feature local artist Adela Unrau, playing the Paraguayan harp.

Amber Epp- The Canadian Songbook
Amber Epp performs a jazz interpretation of the songs you love from both classic and contemporary Canadian artists. Epp and company preserve the original spirit of the work while presenting it with a new energy.
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Viva Brazil
Viva Brazil brings an energetic and entertaining performance involving samba, capoeira, and more!

Marco Castillo
New to the Cultures in the City stage this year is internationally-renowned singer Marco Castillo. Representing the diverse country of Brazil, Marco will bring his unique Latin Samba Jazz Funk to Steinbach.
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McConnell Irish Dancers
One of the oldest Celtic Irish dance groups in North America, the McConnell Irish Dancers are recognized for their unique, high caliber, performance-style dancing which encompasses both traditional and contemporary forms of Irish, Welsh, and Scottish Dance.
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Emilie McKinney
Cultures in the City is thrilled to have Emilie McKinney from Swan Lake First Nation performing hoop dancing on stage this year.
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