Main Stage Performer Bios

FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017 – Afternoon


5acres brings a fresh energetic sound to Country Music.  5acres founders Vern and Christina Neufeld may be familiar to many from the Low-German comedy folk group 3molPlaut. They bring the same high level of professionality and energy to the music of 5acres. Joining them in the band are veteran local instrumentalists. 5acres has played multiple Manitoba festivals and fairs, and maintains a busy summer performing schedule. The main focus of their music is family friendly classic and contemporary country music including covers and a growing list of originals.

Stoney Brook Dance Co.

SBDC offers classes to dancers ages 2 to adult in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop and Piyo!  We have 4 state of the art studios and run classes 6 days a week.  Our teachers are highly trained and offer quality training in each of their areas of expertise.  The dancers performing today are all from our Competition Team. SBDC has competition teams in all of its disciplines – ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre and hip hop.  Dancers ages 10 and up are selected for the teams based on positive attitudes, work ethic, talent and drive.  This year these dancers participated in SEMF (Steinbach), Canadian National Dance Championships (Winnipeg), Midwest Starz (Fargo) and Dance Canada (Winnipeg).  Many also took exams throughout the year.  We are very proud of how much time and effort these dancers put into their classes and dances. We also have many other dancers, both younger, older, recreational and serious.  We make every effort to give our best to each of our classes.  


Originally from Ghana, now living in Winnipeg, Coffie performs a rocking African music and rhythm show followed by a full-on dance work-shop.  Coffieman’s repertoire encompasses calypso, reggae and African hi-life music, particularly from Ghana where he participated with the National Dance Company for a number of years.  Evans has been a member of the Ghana Dance Ensemble for 11 years, touring Europe, USA, Canada, Soviet Union, Caribbean and Africa.  A wonderful childrens’ entertainer, Evans enjoys his music as much as the children do! He demonstrates his collection of African (or talking) drums, playing rhythms of Djembe, Conga, Woyo, Talamandi, Kinasona, Nagala, Highlife and more,  teaching  children  the history behind music.

Melissa Plett

I’d rather die living than live not at alive” – words Melissa Plett has come to live by. Melissa Plett is a high energy, foot stomping, alt-country good time story teller. One moment you’ll be stomping along with her upbeat tunes such as “Sunshine and Liquor”.  The next, getting lost in her emotional ballads while her rich and powerful voice reaches out causing crowds to engage in a process of joint catharsis through her ability to perfectly narrate what so many of us experience, yet struggle to communicate.
“Her ability to pull an audience in and maintain their attention and emotional captivation is a rarity in a time when pop music relies so heavily on catchy tunes and meaningless lyrics”       
– Nashville Online Review

Jackson Klippenstein

Jackson is a 15 year old musician, vocalist, and multi instrumentalist from Kenora, Ontario. Jackson first picked up the guitar at 8 years old and never looked back. From the sweet Delta sounds of the Steel Resonator, to the electric guitar of the Chicago Blues. Jackson has discovered a passion for Blues Music, and has become a dedicated student of the genre.

Tyler Del Pino    

Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Tyler Del Pino Band is an organic hybrid of Country/Pop/Rock. Imagine Bryan Adams jamming with Keith Urban.




Frannie Klein, with Dan Thiessen     

Frannie Klein is bringing real country music back.  Authentic, badass, and genuine – she is the real deal.  Growing up on Lake Manitoba and raised on a cattle ranch,  she has been immersed in the country lifestyle since birth.  Forever embracing her aboriginal heritage, she often spends time back in Ebb & Flow First Nation , and credits much of her musical passion, fierce spirit, and attitude to her time spent there.

The Jakebrakes

This 4 member group is in their 14th year of playing traditional “classic country music with a trucker twist”.   The group performs about 30+ shows per year in Manitoba at fairs, festivals, bars and their focus is to present a very true interpretation and sound of the original artists of the ‘60s and ‘70s.


FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017 – Evening

Corny Rempel – Johnny Cash Tribute Artist

Corny Rempel is an award winning Tribute artist and Comedian who has performed across North America for fifteen years. He has also played to packed houses five times in Mazatlan, Mexico. Corny has also been performing as Johnny Cash and has even sung with Johnny Cash’s sister Joanne Cash Yates. Corny is a morning radio host/DJ in Steinbach Manitoba. He also does voicing for cartoons, websites, movies and video games. (And yes, that’s his real name!) Corny will be featured in an upcoming documentary called “That Mennonite Joke” which has been picked up by Bravo and will be shown at the International Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario.

Kevin Roy

Working a day gig never made sense for Kevin Roy. Upon the release of the Winnipeg troubadour’s 2014 debut, Taller Than The Trees, he left the stability of his high school teaching gig for a life on the road. Swapping in students wielding knives, saws and implements of destruction in the high school wood shop for more attentive audiences in North American bars and theatres, Roy hasn’t looked back. Now, he’s set to release his latest collection, the Kickstarter-goal surpassing Heartworn Highways, to his country and roots rock-loving backers, and anyone else interested in pulling up a chair and listening to some genuine, good ol’ storytelling songs. 

Lindsay Rae Band

Lindsay Rae is a Country artist from Southern Manitoba who has frequented many prairie festival stages with the ‘Lindsay Rae Band’. Lindsay’s fun loving spirit, her love of story-telling and passion for inspiring people resonates through her lyrics and beautiful melodies. In 2016, Lindsay was nominated for 5 Manitoba Country Music Awards including, ‘Female Artist of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year’ for her original, ‘Beneath the Stars’. Her repertoire includes a 2015 Country/Pop album, a 2012 Christmas album and many singles in between, along with, ‘Love Like Katie’ which helps to raise money for the Katie Cares Charity. Lindsay Rae can also be found performing at numerous coffee houses, house concerts and more intimate stages as a solo artist, or duo (JRae & J), as well as, more recently, in Nashville and San Diego.

Jason Kirkness

Success has been ten years in the making for Jason Kirkness. His first tour dates as a solo artist stem back to 2007 when he was transitioning from a touring classic rock/country/casino act living his “life on the road” to becoming the country music recording artist he is today. Fast forward ten years; with more then two full years as a resident of Music City, Nashville, TN, one full album, two EPs and a live album have brought Kirkness to the point where he’s ready to release a new album, A Beautiful Disaster and its first single “Whiskey Kiss.”


SATURDAY JUNE 17, 2017 – Afternoon

Shannon Shewchuk

Ever since I was a little girl, music has been a part of my life.  Naturally it made sense for me to continue music at the University level.  After five years of University, I received my Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education Degrees. I can be seen running off to direct choir for the Redeemer Lutheran Church and the Pinawa Community Choir. I teach music at Brightstone Colony School.  I also give private voice, guitar and piano lessons.  I am also involved in the Contemporary Music Worship team at the Redeemer Lutheran Church. My first CD titled “Everything Changes” incorporates many styles of original works.  The songs I wrote are about love, life and everything in between.  I enjoy sharing my love of music with others around me.  I like to sing a variety of styles from pop, country, gospel, and easy listening.


Yaadies is a Jamaican term which means born and grown from ones yard/home town/homies. Yaadies is a eight (8) member family band and was formed in 2014 by Neville Hamilton. Members of the band are; Neville Hamilton (bass/acoustic guitar) his wife Carol  (lead singer/backup vocals), his children -Jessica and Joanne (Vocals), Jayda (Keyboards), Justin (Bass guitar), Jonathon (drums), his brother Stephen (keyboards) and his nephew-Jordan Henry (drums). With the love of music and playing with different groups and bands such as Revelation band, Classic Overdrive (Trevor Stelmack), Stamina and other local artists, Neville has now deviated his talent, time and energy to his gifted children who produces a unique sound and quality, which is transformed into an electrifying and energetic experience. They have performed at events such as Summer in the City, Black History month concert in Winnipeg and other local events. Due to their cultural origin (Caribbean), their music is mainly reggae, funk and pop.

Daniel Desorcy

Daniel Desorcy takes pride in writing about his feelings and experiences. Being primarily a pop writer, Daniel incorporates a mature sound into his songs. Daniel was fortunate to be born into a musically gifted family. His father, a musician, producer, songwriter and vocalist in Manitoba, introduced singing and playing the guitar to him when he was 5 years old. Throughout the years, Daniel gained performance experience through various venues in Winnipeg and area. Daniel began writing his own music and further taught himself how to play the guitar and basic bass and drums, which he keeps working on today. Daniel is currently in the process of recording his first EP. He continues to find venues to constantly improve his stage skills, he will be involved as a featured artist in the 2017 Landmark Events Showcase in Winnipeg.

Silence Kit

Silence Kit is bringing back the grunge rock sound that never really left in the first place. Intricate lyrics are delivered through raspy and powerful vocals, supported by melodic guitar and heavy punk inspired bass and drums. Silence Kit builds up into a frenzy and dips into low growls, satisfying whatever alt-rock post-whatever genre you want to peg them into.

Ingrid D Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew

Performing together for over 6.5 years, Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew, consist of several full-time musicians, based in Winnipeg, who really enjoy creating and performing live music together. Previously, Johnson’s work has been promoted on Bravo! news, CBC national radio and T.V., CTV, Shaw T.V. The Winnipeg Sun, Hot 103, CJOB. In the past, she has also gain opportunities to perform her music live and speak at MEOW Con 2013 in Austin, Texas The Canadian Red Cross RespectED: Violence and Abuse Prevention program, KLINIC, and Voices Manitoba Youth In Care Network.

The Academy

From Steinbach, Manitoba, The Academy is a musician collective with influences spanning decades of musical trends, from classic rock to modern pop. With studio sessions almost complete, The Academy is looking forward to the release of their next project of original material later in 2017. Their tight and energetic sound woven together with punchy rhythms, anthemic melodies and crunchy guitars will have you moving and grooving and leave you with a lasting impression.

The Cracked Eggshell

The band, “the Cracked Egg Shell” can trace its roots back to the 1960’s. We play a selection of “Oldies & Classic Rock” tunes that bring back fond memories for people of all ages. You can find us at a wide variety of venues for all kinds of occasions. The main requirement: that people there expect to have some fun listening to the music we play.




Lindsey White

Called “groovy folk-rock” and showcased on stages all over Canada, the music of Lindsey White uses many instruments and one strong voice to craft performances with unmistakable passion and emotional depth. The new, fan-funded “Renegade” album was produced by Mitch Dorge, (Crash Test Dummies) mastered by João Carvalho (The Tragically Hip, Sarah Slean) released in 2015 with a companion book (of poetry, prose and other writings) and expands the “groovy folk-rock” label to include punk, soul, bossa nova and more.  Whether intimately on her own or filling the stage with her band, her live presence offers a playground of energetic musicianship and thoughtfully crafted lyrics. She throws similar passion into songwriting and other workshops through inspiration-based music sessions with creative youth.  This work landed her a nomination for a Winnipeg Arts Council “Making a Mark” award and a designation as one of the CBC Manitoba Future 40.

Red Rose

Red Rose is a NEW 5 piece Original Rock ‘n Roll band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Established in summer of 2015 with tunes created by lead guitarist Tim Braun, their lyrical roots go deep in the soil of Canadian culture. Lead vocalist Marianne Rose organically meshes with these roots. Bassist Earl Bargen is a true rock bassist. Drummer Rob Somerville is a talented virtuoso, and keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Dan Proctor is all heart. Red Rose is beyond excited to have their first live performance in Steinbach, at Summer in the City 2017.

Portrait of Leaders

Portrait of Leaders are a Winnipeg Rock Band that was tempered like a broadsword in the summer heat of 2015, often thrusting and slashing their way through Winnipeg’s musical wilderness, setting up camp and cultivating a bountiful, organic crop of fresh friends, fans and sweet sweet honeydew.  Portrait of Leaders began to collaborate and write music as a unit. Because of the vast variety of influences, no sound was off limits. New soundscapes were being explored and the result was a riveting bouquet of tones, colors, depthness, and technique.  The band also ventured out west for a mini tour to Alberta and British Columbia. Most recently Portrait of Leaders opened for platinum international touring act 3 Doors Down on their “Us and the night tour.”


SATURDAY JUNE 17, 2017 – Evening

Bold as Lions  

Bold As Lions is a pop/rock band from Canada fronted by husband and wife duo Sean + Karli Quigley. The two have a passion for telling their stories through music. Both self proclaimed activists, they have worked closely amongst countless charities this year giving their time to better others through their art. This is what birthed their latest headlining touring concert series: The #HungerFree tour. They perform shows in support of World Vision Canada with a goal of turning young people’s hearts towards a passion for social justice. Bold As Lions has made their mark this year playing for over 30,000 people in the past few months alone. Their youtube channel views totalling over 3 Million, this is a band you’re going to want to keep your eyes on.

Plain as Ghosts

PLAIN AS GHOSTS draws on deep, personal experiences derived through love, loss and life. The intimate lyrics spark an outlook of hope and integrity which comes as a refreshing take on a genre typically fuelled by anger and aggression. The music is described as heavy and lyrically directed with hints of melodic ambience.  Members Trevor Lux (vocals/guitar), Adam Halstrom (bass/vocals), Daniel Friesen (guitar/vocals) and Rodrigo Ramirez (drums), the band formed in 2014 and is based out of Winnipeg.    RENDERING is the band’s self-produced debut album, 2016. “Rendering” refers to the idea of creating or performing something as a means of processing emotion.”Monday Morning Quarterback” is a dynamic rock-alternative anthem about the simple act of passing judgement from a position of hindsight. PLAIN AS GHOSTS is excited to bring a dynamic, high energy performance, with a dash of down to earth charm!

The Middle Coast

There’s something to be said for a band that can simultaneously elicit a sense of nostalgia and new discovery; that perfectly balances an appreciation of the past with a youthful enthusiasm and mainstream ambitions.  Meet The Middle Coast, the Manitoba trio whose self-described ‘70s-style yacht rock will be the new soundtrack to your dockside daydreams and breezy evening drives. Drawing on influences ranging from The Guess Who to The Eagles to Hall & Oates with tinges of Motown soul and Nashville twang, members Liam Duncan, Dylan MacDonald, and Roman Clarke have cemented their signature sound and attracted some impressive industry attention – all without a formal album release to their name. What they do have to their name, though, is a heralded live show born of hundreds of sets and thousands of hours logged in the van in just a few short years. 

Big Dave McLean

Big Dave McLean is finally getting his recognition, at an age when the rest of us are getting around to contemplating retirement. Only in the last decade or so has there been significant inroads into recording this definitive Canadian bluesman. A masterful guitarist and top notch harpist, McLean’s raw and gravelly vocals bespeak of a life lived to the fullest, and a career spent performing in and around those countless small towns that dot the Canadian prairies. When it comes to the blues, however, McLean’s heart firmly beats to the ghosts of the delta greats–especially the incomparable Muddy Waters, with whom he toured over two decades ago. Just how important the Mojo Man was to the development of Big Dave can be gleaned in an 11-minute tribute, aptly titled ‘Muddy Waters for President’. Actually written for the dean of Chicago bluesmen, Muddy died before getting around to recording it


SUNDAY JUNE 18, 2017 – Afternoon

Island Breeze

Island Breeze Manitoba is a new organization in Steinbach that presents a fascinating showcase of music and dance taking you on a journey through the Islands of the Pacific. We share unique stories from many Pacific cultures, inviting you to appreciate and embrace these treasures, and encouraging you to seek out the truth and beauty that our creator has placed within your own culture. Island Breeze Manitoba YWAM is an exciting ministry in Steinbach, Manitoba which is part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). We are a global missions organization that seeks to Know God and Make Him Known through His Inherent Gifts & Expressions within the Nations. We use culture to share God’s love and have a special gift for showcasing His diversity through music and dance.

Don Doerksen

Don has been singing since his childhood in a variety of ways including quartets, choirs, Bible college ensembles and has been a worship leader in church for close to 30 years. He fell in love with Southern Gospel music after his collection of music was stolen and a friend introduced him to The Gold City Quartet back in 1987.  In 1994 Don joined Higher Ground, a local southern gospel male trio, ministering all over Manitoba for eight years. In 2014 Don fulfilled a lifelong dream and met up with Southern Gospel songwriter Phil Cross and produced his first solo album; his second album was in 2016.  Since then God has given Don many different opportunities to use his gifts of singing to encourage audiences. Don’s passion is to let the world know that there is hope for tomorrow when we trust the God who’s in control of tomorrow.

Mayflowers in June      

Mayflowers in June is an acoustic trio based in Kleefeld, Manitoba.  Formed in 2013 as the brainchild of guitarist Lyndol Fast, the group has steadily performed around the southeast.  Armed with a few simple instruments and solid three-part harmonies, Mayflowers is really just a pet project where its members get a chance to play some of their favourite music of any genre including folk, pop, rock, and gospel.  Thankfully, other people seem to enjoy indulging them!

The Band RBB

The Band RBB is an eclectic mixture of southern Manitoba musicians who love to play together and for a cause. Their genre is “Inspired Rock and Blues” bringing a unique blend of acoustic soul and energetic electric rock and blues to their audiences. Their set covers a wide range of music from Trooper and Serena Ryder to GNR and Collective Soul. Based on solid rhythm foundation, soaring guitar and harmonica leads are matched only by a soulful blend of passionate vocals.

The Boy & The Sea      

The Boy & The Sea is a breath of fresh air on the Winnipeg music scene. The band is fronted by vocalist Mike Burnard (Live on Arrival, Crisis Jane), electric guitarist Jay Reddecopp (Essentials, Ruins), Luke Jacob Thiessen on bass (Luke Jacob, The Continent), and drummer Allen Penner (Cardboard Guitars, Motive Music).  Combining contagious melodies with folk-infused rock, moving rhythms, and captivating harmonies, this Winnipeg (Steinbach) band is on the road to delivering a sound that is craved by many.