Visual Arts Tent / Courtyard Artists

Patricia Ellen Pelland

Patricia has enjoyed working with art since before the ’70’s. She has worked in a variety of mediums – entered exhibits, taught, and sold commissioned pieces with a focus on portraits. For the past 24 years, she has focused on Custom Picture Framing, and has recently begun to focus on art again. 

Dennis Fast

Dennis Fast has loved wildlife all his life and turned to photography when he felt he needed to capture the special moments he was experiencing. His photographs have appeared in numerous books, calendars and magazines. Through his photographic art, Dennis hopes to inspire people to enjoy nature and to help preserve it for future generations.

Cheryl Nickel

Cheryl Nickel is a local artist and graphic designer – she enjoys creating in many mediums, but at Summer in the City, you’ll find acrylic paintings and hand-painted t-shirts and jean jackets. Cheryl looks forward to adding to her experiences as an artist.

Kianna Giesbrecht

Kianna Giesbrecht is 21 years old, and lives West of La Broquerie with her parents and 3 siblings. She has been creating art for as long as she can remember – she enjoys drawing faces and painting from nature or anything that pops into her head.

“In dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own.” – Albus Dumbledore

Lauren Peters

Lauren is a young and upcoming artist. She has lived overseas most of her life and this exposure to the world translates into all of her artwork. She spends most of her time making art, reading, and singing broadway tunes at the top of her lungs. Lauren is currently studying fine arts at the University of Manitoba.

Micaela Gilbert

Micaela has not stuck to one single medium, but has experimented with a variety of mediums. Attending the University of Manitoba has let them branch out and find ways that let them create pieces that will speak for them and for others.

Ashley Bergen

Ashley has been a pottery student at the Steinbach Arts Council for 2 years. This is her first time exhibiting at Summer in the City! Ashley has experimented with many different mediums, but has found her passion in pottery.

Donna Garofalo

Donna is a potter from St. Malo.  She is an energetic instructor at the Steinbach Arts Council in their pottery program with children and adults.  Donna was involved with Summer in the City last year, and will be demonstrating works of wonder from the pottery wheel.

Becky Mendelsohn

Becky Mendelsohn is a potter from Ste. Genevieve. Becky is a long time talented Steinbach Arts Council pottery instructor. She is a returning artist to the Visual Artist Tent at Summer in the City, and will be demonstrating beautiful vases and wheel work right before your eyes.

Arlene Enns

Arlene has loved producing arts and crafts all her life. She likes to play with a variety of mediums and surfaces. To date she has commissioned and sold a number of pieces, and is proud of her accomplishments. Though she has had no formal training to speak of, she does enjoy pushing herself out of her comfort zones by taking and teaching the occasional art classes, entering juried exhibits, as well as holding her own exhibits. Arlene’s motto is “affordable ORIGINAL art” as she believes everyone should be entitled to beautiful works that speak to them.

Colleen Watchorn

Colleen Watchorn has been an artist in the Steinbach area for 17 years – she is known for her acrylic abstracts, but has worked with many different mediums. She is passionate about teaching and passing her love of art on to children and adults in schools, private lessons, and paint nights in Steinbach and the surrounding areas!

Emma Watchorn

Emma Watchorn is returning to Summer in the City for her second year! An emerging artist in the Steinbach area, Emma has unique and original ideas, and a passion for drawing mystical creatures. Emma’s favorite mediums are pencil, marker, and pencil crayon, with which she creates fabulous original art!

Edtie Doll

Edtie is a live caricature artist from Southeastern Manitoba. His specialty is comic book art with an edge, and he prefers to create in acrylic, pencil and clay, although he is comfortable with all mediums. Edtie is currently studying Fine Art at the University of Manitoba, and has a long history of art in his family – his parents are longtime artists and SAC instructors Jason and Gabrielle Doll! Edtie welcomes Summer in the City attendees to visit him for a custom drawn caricature!

Mika Lynn

Mika is an up and coming artist in Steinbach, Manitoba. She is a painter and sketch artist, preferring oils and watercolors. Mika was a Planter Artist in 2016, and is returning to Summer in the City 2017 to paint another planter!

Rachel Cholet

Rachel was first initiated to oils in her late teens with paints-by-numbers. A busy life then left it aside for many years, but her son’s illness in December 2013 made her seek distraction – painting seemed appropriate. An easel given for Mothers’ Day years earlier came into good use. Rachel will paint anything but has a preference for landscapes, old barns and flowers!

Dawn Schmidt

Dawn Schmidt is a local painter who is looking forward to being a Planter Artist at Summer in the City 2017. Dawn was a top-three finisher in 2017’s Southeast Open Judged Exhibit, and is a member of the Southeast Artists Group.

Edmund Raguindin

Edmund Raguindin enjoys creating art that reflects his background and culture. His painting style is impressionism and semi-realism, and he enjoys turning his own photography into paintings. Hailing from the Philippines, Edmund has previously made signs, and has recently started a silk-screen printing business in Steinbach. At Summer in the City, you’ll find Edmund as one of our Planter Artists!