Sweet Water Creek Band plays the classics with gritty vocals, soaring guitars and a rock solid rhythm section that’s been
together since 1978. Myron Hiebert and Wes Peters, along with Garry Dueck and Greg Penner, were founders of Sweet
Water Creek back in the late Seventies. High school friends
immersed in the music of the day, they were inspired by their
favorite bands and have been playing that way ever since. Trev
Schellenberg joined the band in the early 90s, with Cody LeRoy
starting with SWC for their 2008 performance at Summer in the
The band has seen some tough times in the past few years with the
sudden passing of Garry in 2013 and Greg in 2018. Despite these
hardships, this band of brothers has grown closer and continues to
find peace and hope as they share their music with others.

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