Stacey James is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose love for music started at a very young age. Needing a way to create the instrumentals to all of her lyrics, she started playing the keyboard followed by trumpet, acoustic & electric guitar, tenor sax, bass guitar & fiddle as her songwriting tools. By 14, Stacey was performing within the Winnipeg hip hop scene. Looking to explore the music scene even further, she briefly performed as lead vocalist & songwriter for funk-ock band GroovePort before breaking off to find players for her own band Stacey James & The KiK. Along with her love of music & the arts overall, Stacey is passionate about helping and motivating others including with her upcoming children’s book series “Dealing With Feelings”. She also holds an annual “Women Helping Women” event assisting women & children leaving domestic situations and has been published several times on the Huffington Post by the request of Ariana Huffington herself.

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